I am an artist and a romantic with a sense of imagination and fun. I love to get those moments that come around when you are surrounded by love. You know, the delicious smiles of summer, the hug that happens in a frosty winter landscape, the snuggle from a little person in your arms. I believe that whether the moment is a wedding or a family session it is the connections to one another that are important.

The true emotion are the moments that will tell your story. The rush of joy at the first sight of your bride, that little bitty hand in yours, the mischievous grin between siblings. These are the images that you will look back at time and again & feel that same amazing moment, that memory.

I bring creativity to the project so if you are looking for an artistic approach for your wedding, engagement or family portrait session I am the photographer for you. I work locally in both the Wood River Valley and the Boise area and travel beyond as well.

As a professional it is my obligation to deliver that highest quality outcome in both images and prints. Communication, sharing ideas and a connection with clients is always my priority. I welcome comments and opinions here and on our Facebook page, Black Pine Photography LLC.